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Legacy Effects Grogu Team Autograph Signing

SWAU is proud to offer an exclusive autograph signing with Legacy Effects Team that performed Grogu!

Each Pre-Order comes signed by 5 of the puppeteers and creators of Grogu!

1. John Rosengrant - Visual Effects Supervisor

2. Trevor Hensley - Body & Head Movement

3. Mike Manzel - Puppeteer

4. Hiroshi (Kan) Kieuchi - Ears & Mouth Movement

5. Jason Matthews - Eyes Movement

Pre-order your collectible or send in your own item! All items will be affixed with our SWAU Hologram free of charge, protecting the value and collectability of your investment for decades to come.

If you have questions about ordering from SWAU, please watch our tutorial video and check out our FAQ page! You will also find a lot of resources in our Facebook Communities. For all other questions, please feel free to contact us!

A few things to note:

  • This is a pre-order signing, the typical wait time for pre-orders is a few months. Please only order if you intend on keeping your order, per our terms and conditions.
  • If sending a large or heavy prop, you will be responsible for any additional shipping and handling costs necessary to ship back to you.
  • After placing your order, track the status throughout the entire process on our signing status page!
  • To view photo options, please select "SWAU Provided Photo" under the "Item from SWAU Store" and the links will pop up or you can view them by clicking the following links:

    DEADLINE to Order: Jan 23rd

    DEADLINE to Receive Send-In: Jan 25th

    If you are sending in an item:

    Step 1: Place an order.

    Step 2: Print a copy of your receipt to include with your send in package.

    Step 3: Label your items accordingly, don’t forget things like pen color and personalization. Be sure to read our guide on how to get your items ready for a SWAU send in, this step is very important!

    Step 4: Securely package your labeled items and sales receipt and mail to the following address:

    Re: LEGACY
    362 Gulf Breeze Pkwy #403
    Gulf Breeze, FL 32561