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SWAU Artist Series Card

SWAU is thrilled to announce that we are bringing you another release of our popular Artist Series!

One of the most popular items available for pre-order for our exclusive signings, the Artist Series cards feature original and unique hand-drawn art that is then signed by the talent at our exclusive signing. Each series is going to be extremely limited, with some names only signing a single card.

Each box will feature ONE original art card at random signed by talent from a super-hero show or movie! Possible signers include Gal Gadot, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Oscar Isaac, and many more!

Our featured artists include Candice Dailey, Seth Groves, Jay Manchand, Cyrus Sherkat, and Cisco Rivera.

. The cards will be on premium card stock and sealed in a one-touch magnetic protective holder with the SWAU hologram to ensure authenticity and collectability.


Limit two cards per person.